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What are the Signs of Lead Poisoning?

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What are the Signs of Lead Poisoning?

If you reside in a deteriorated apartment constructed before 1978, caution is advised.

Your children may be inhaling toxic fumes from lead-based paint! Over time, exposure to lead can lead to severe neurological and developmental issues, which could prove fatal.

Exposure to lead may result in:

Damage to the brain and nervous system
Delayed growth and development
Learning and behavioral difficulties
Hearing and speech impairments
Additionally, lead exposure can trigger ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) in children.

ADHD symptoms may include:

Difficulty concentrating
Memory issues
Excessive talking
Interrupting others

Children are especially susceptible to the hazards posed by lead. It is imperative for apartment owners to take measures to shield children from lead exposure and undertake essential repairs to eradicate lead from the premises.

Contact CASTELBLANCO LAW GROUP today; we have advocated for over 10,000 tenants in legal action against their landlords. You may be entitled to compensation for any harm inflicted on your child due to landlord negligence.

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