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My landlord is blaming me for the bedbugs in my apartment. What can I do?

Bedbugs are a prevalent problem in many apartments, posing numerous health and well-being concerns. Living with bedbugs can have significant dangers, underscoring the importance for tenants to communicate with their landlord to resolve the issue. These tiny insects feed on human blood and typically hide in cracks and crevices within furniture, beds, and bedding. Their bites can cause painful skin irritation, potentially leading to infection....

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My son is living with stress due to the cockroaches in our apartment. What are my legal rights?

It's unfortunately common for many children to grow up in homes plagued by pests, especially in big cities. This situation can significantly impact their physical and emotional well-being. Cockroaches and other insects can trigger allergies and asthma in children. Furthermore, residing in poorly maintained environments can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression among the youngest members of our society....

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How Castelblanco Law Group changes the lives of tenants in crisis

One of our favorite families here at Castelblanco Law Group is the Mejia family. One of our clients, who was living with serious apartment problems, just bought a new home and tells us we changed their lives. They were able to put the down payment on the house with the results of the case. The work we do here at Castelblanco Law Group has changed the lives of our clients, who come to us after years of living with infestations, plumbing issues, mold problems, and the fear of confronting their landlords....

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Lawyer, I need to tell my landlord that I have cockroaches, but I don’t know how.

What should I do if my landlord doesn't help me? That's a great question. Keep this article handy because I'll guide you through exactly what to include in a letter if your landlord fails to address issues in your unit. First, don't just address it to "Manager." Include their name, address, and today's date....

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If you reside in a deteriorated apartment constructed before 1978, caution is advised. Your children may be inhaling toxic fumes from lead-based paint! Over time, exposure to lead can lead to severe neurological and developmental issues, which could prove fatal....

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My apartment is under REAP. Can you explain what REAP means?

The Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP) in Los Angeles offers a solution for tenants facing housing issues like cockroach infestations when landlords fail to take action. Under REAP, tenants can withhold rent and deposit it into a secure escrow account until the housing issues are resolved, incentivizing landlords to make necessary repairs....

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Does your child have asthma? Did you know that cockroaches are one of the causes of asthma in children who live in apartments?

Hello, I'm Eric Castelblanco we represent children who suffer from asthma due to hazardous living conditions. It's a significant problem. But it doesn't have to be this way. Landlords have a legal responsibility to keep their apartment free of cockroaches. These insects can transmit diseases and allergies, especially to children. Some asthma symptoms in children include coughing, difficulty breathing, lack of energy, rapid breathing, and itching....

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