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How to Tell Your Landlord About Roaches?

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How to Tell Your Landlord About Roaches?

What should I do if my landlord doesn’t help me?

That’s a great question. Keep this article handy because I’ll guide you through exactly what to include in a letter if your landlord fails to address issues in your unit.

First, don’t just address it to “Manager.” Include their name, address, and today’s date.

Begin with, “Dear Mr. or Mrs., this is my initial formal correspondence to you. I’m facing an urgent issue in my apartment that’s causing considerable stress and impacting my health. I’ve been contending with a cockroach infestation since that date.” It’s crucial to include the date. Be detailed in your letter, mentioning when you first noticed the cockroaches, where they’re located in the apartment, and the measures you’ve taken to address them.

Also, describe how it’s affecting you. Have you experienced bites? Is it disrupting your sleep or affecting your mental well-being? Documenting these details is essential.

Take photos to support your claims.

State, “I request the services of a professional pest control company, and I’m available and prepared for the appointment.”

This demonstrates your willingness to take necessary steps to resolve the issue.

Sign the letter and retain a copy for your records. Send it via certified mail to ensure receipt. If there’s no response, send another letter in the same manner.

At Castelblanco Law Group, we understand the challenges of dealing with an unresponsive landlord.

That’s why we’re here. We advocate for tenants’ rights. Call us – we’re here to support you.

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